Superior Metal Technologies

Quality Control Assurance

At Superior Metal Technologies, we know how important it is for you to trust your aluminum metal finisher to deliver a quality product within a timely manner. We're dedicated to offering some of the highest levels of quality assurance available in the aluminum metal finishing industry. We've got you covered, whether you choose anodize, paint or powder coat for your metal finishes needs.

Our Process

We're continually reviewing, optimizing and improving our quality control system to meet customer requirements. Our quality management process is designed to...

  • Identify and define required processes, their procedures and the applications to which they apply
  • Determine the criteria and methods needed to ensure the implementation of effective processes that result in superior operations and controls within our production facility
  • Determine the sequence and interaction of defined processes
  • Ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of processes
  • Monitor, measure, and analyze processes to increase quality, decrease cost and exceed customer requirements
  • Assure that action is taken to achieve planned results with continual improvement

It is through an adherence to our extensive quality control system and internal work instructions that Superior Metal Technologies is able to provide high performance metal coatings and finishes that meet customer expectations and industry standards.

It's all about you

We're always keeping you, our customer, in mind when optimizing our quality control system. From our internal policies and procedures to our per project work instructions, it's all about meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Product/Service Development
    • Sales Process
    • Quoting Process
    • Contract Review Process
    • Process Development Process
    • Inspection Instructions Developed
    • Work Instructions Developed
    • Packaging Requirements Defined
  • Resource Procurement
    • Purchasing
    • Human Resources
    • Training
  • Product Realization
    • Scheduling Process
    • Anodizing Process
    • Painting Process
    • Thermal Fill and Debridge Process
    • Packaging Process
    • In-Process/Final Inspection
    • Shipping and Receiving
  • Management Process
    • Management Review Process
    • Continuous Improvement Process
    • Internal Audit Process
Superior Metal Technologies - Quality Control: Interaction of Process