Superior Metal Technologies

Our History

Superior Metal Technologies is a premier architectural metal finishing company. Centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana we provide high-performance architectural coatings, including polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF (Kynar 500) liquid paint, powder coat paint and eco-friendly acid etch anodize. We have a long history of providing superior quality services to our customers.

Aluminum Finishing Corporation (AFC)

Originally founded in 1936, Aluminum Finishing Corporation (AFC) began as a job shop for architectural aluminum finishing of storefront and commercial building applications. The company was founded by several former employees of Aluminum Colors, Inc., an Indianapolis based company who developed and patented the anodizing process known as "Alumilite". This process and Aluminum Colors, Inc. were purchased by Aluminum, Company of America (ALCOA) and moved to New Kensington, Pennsylvania in the early 1930's.

Aluminum Finishing Corporation's main production facility was located at 1012 East 21st Street until it was destroyed by a fire in 1982.

In May 1989, Aluminum Finishing Corporation built a new facility located on the East Side of Indianapolis at 9850 E 30th Street where it consolidated its anodizing, aluminum fabrication and new electrostatic paint line.

Superior Metal Technologies (SMT)

In 2002, AGS Capital, LLC founded Superior Metal Technologies after purchasing Aluminum Finishing Corporation and its facilities located at 9850 E 30th Street. Since then, through teamwork and dedication we have increased the capabilities of our plant with the installation of a true color anodizing system, additional paint and powder coat booths, and consolidated material handling system.

More recently, we've increased warehouse space and upgraded our anodize tanks and paint lines to some of the largest in our industry. We're always looking to improve our processes, increase productivity and implement new techniques and technologies to help extend the life of our customers finished products.