Superior Metal Technologies

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial aluminum metal protection is infused into either liquid paint or powder coat to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria that may affect the surface of the finished metal coating. Microbes multiply quickly on unprotected painted metal surfaces, antimicrobial protection works to disrupt key bacterial functions helping to mitigate microbe growth and reproduction.

Unlike surface disinfectants, which temporarily eliminate microbes from the surface of the coating, Antimicrobial technology is designed to work 24/7. It protects the finish from the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria that may cause odors, stains or discoloration of the painted surface, or may cause deterioration of the physical protective properties of the coating.

Common Applications

Antimicrobial protection does not decrease the effectiveness or rating of the selected paint system. It's becoming more common to apply a antimicrobial coating to sporting goods, medical devices, outdoor furniture and in some case office/commercial furniture.