Superior Metal Technologies

Paint Overview

Superior Metal Technologies is an approved and licensed applicator for PPG, Sherwin Williams (Valspar) and Akzo Nobel, leading manufacturers of high-performance architectural paints and coatings. We offer a wide selection of paint systems, including 1-coat, 2-coat, 3-coat and 4-coat with standard, micas, metallics and bright or exotic coatings that can be used to provide varying colors, tones and textures to meet your project requirements.

Paint Types

While liquid paint is composed of pigment, resin, and solvent, which is mixed and sprayed on to pretreated materials. Powder coat paint is simply pigment encapsulated in a powdered resin, which is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded pretreated materials. Powder coatings and liquid coatings made from the same resin and pigment will have practically the same performance characteristics. For a given resin, the decision to use a powder or liquid coating is mainly a question of application technique.

How it Compares

Aluminum painted surfaces are more vulnerable to scratches and wear that can affect the paint's corrosion resistant properties. While not as hard or durable as aluminum anodize coatings, both liquid paint and powder coat paint provide fair to excellent levels of corrosion protection across a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Pick Your Color

Pick Your Color

Need help picking a color? Have an existing color you need to match? At Superior Metal Technologies, our in-house state-of-the-art paint color matching and mixing system allows us to create virtually any paint color. The selected paint type and application method are dependent on your specific project requirements. We'll work with you, every step of the way, to make sure your finished product meets or exceeds expectations.

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Standards-Based Process

Our aluminum paint processes are designed to meet AAMA 2603 residential & interior, AAMA 2604 light commercial and AAMA 2605 high performance standards. These specifications are designed to provide a benchmark for high quality paint coatings throughout the aluminum finishing industry. All of our paint coating services follow the same standard process to guarantee a high quality finished product.

Step Description
Pretreatment Parts are sent through our paint pretreatment process to guarantee removal of all residue and to apply a chrome coating that allows paint to adhere firmly to the material.
Racking After pretreatment, material is racked on to our automated paint line.
Coating Application Paint is primarily applied using automatic rotary bells, which provide a more efficient and consistent painted coating. Manual hand spray guns are used for more targeted coverage on specific areas as required.
Curing Coated material then enters our gas powered oven to properly cure. Oven temperatures and speed of conveyance are based on the material, material thickness and selected paint system.
Quality Inspection As parts are unracked from the paint line they undergo a rigorous quality inspection to verify the paint finish meets all defined specifications and Superior Metal Technologies quality standards.

Paint Line Maximums

If you have parts or materials that exceed these maximums, we may be able to accommodate or provide recommendations on how to best process the material. Please make sure to detail any oversized parts, their dimensions, and any other relevant information when you request a quote.

Dimension Maximum
Length 32' 6"
Height 90"
Width 40"
Weight 800lbs