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Superior Metal Technologies provides a full range of services relating to the fabrication and coating of aluminum components. We are a one-stop metal finishing solution, providing design and engineering support, as well as state-of-the-art high capacity production facilities, warehousing / storage facilities, and a full-service transportation department.

Our "Customer-Friendly" service philosophy means that we do whatever it takes to make your experience as productive and profitable as possible, while attaining the results you need and expect.

Services Available from Superior Metal Technologies

Anodized Aluminum

We specialize in a number of anodizing (anodic protection) processes for aluminum components and extrusions, to provide the best solutions for your anodizing needs. We offer coatings in a wide choice of color options and metallic shades.

For more in-depth information, read: Anodized Aluminum.

Hardcoat Anodizing for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

Hardcoat anodizing (sometimes called hardcoating or hard anodizing) is an electrochemical process that applies an anodic oxide coating, chemically bonded to the surfaces of aluminum parts or pieces. This creates a coating with hardness characteristics second only to diamonds.

More information on this topic is available at: Hardcoat Anodizing.

Custom Anodizing for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys

As a matter of fact, anodizing is rapidly becoming more popular with car and motorcycle customizers as an excellent alternative to paint or powder coating. The unique features and benefits of anodic coatings make it the perfect choice for aluminum parts that are constantly subjected to the harsh conditions of the road

More information on this topic is available at: Custom Anodizing.

Hard Coating

Hard Coating (sometimes called hard coat anodizing or hard anodizing) is an electrochemical process that applies an anodic oxide coating, chemically bonded to the surfaces of aluminum parts or pieces. This creates a coating with hardness characteristics second only to diamonds.

More information on this topic is available at: Hard Coating.

Painting Aluminum

Superior Metal Technologies provides painting solutions for aluminum and alloys, including electrostatic wet paint and baked enamel coatings. Our painting division has been in operation since 1986, and has been EPA compliant for more than 10 years. We are authorized applicators for Akzo Nobel, PPG and Valspar paint products, featuring Kynar 500 resins.

For more information about Superior's paint division and it's capabilities, read: Painting Aluminum.

Corrosion Protection

Paint and Anodic coatings provide varying levels of corrosion protection for aluminum parts. While highly decorative, some paints offer only minimal protection against the elements. Conversely, hard anodize coatings provide virtually indestructible corrosion resistance, but decorative applications are more limited.

For more on the corrosion resistant properties of our paint and anodize coatings, read: Corrosion Protection.

Fabrication Services

We have the ability to provide minor fabrication services, of either pre- or post-coated parts, including cutting to size, welding, and punching or drilling of holes in aluminum extrusions. We also offer Fill and Debridge services to produce aluminum pieces with "thermal break" properties.

Read more about Superior's fabrication services at: Fabrication.

Pick and Pack Services

We have the capacity to pack your finished product with a choice of options; from bulk pack of master cartons, to ready-for-market blister packs using customs packaging that we can produce or you can provide to us.

To find out more, read: Pick and Pack Services.

Transportation / Logistics

Whether it's across town or across the country, SMT Transport (SMTT) will safely get your product where you need it, when you need it. We will pick up the unfinished product from the manufacturer, then deliver it to you upon the job's completion, in one of our fleet of trucks.

For more information about SMTT, and our transportation and logistics services, read: Transportation / Logistics.

Warehousing / Storage Service for Large Runs

Superior's large warehousing facility allows us to offer onsite storage of large production runs and, via SMT Transportation, delivery them to you as needed. Our "Mother Nature" climate-controlled warehouse keeps parts at ambient temperature, preventing "weeping" and other issues related to rapid temperature changes.

For more information, read: Warehousing / Storage.

Document Archives

Our state-of-the-art, high tech recordkeeping and document archives service provides easy-to-access information about every project Superior has completed. We're experienced in government contract recordkeeping criteria specifications, and will archive the records for up to seven years, if needed, after which they are returned to the client.

More information about our recordkeeping and archiving service is available at: Document Archives.

Technical Support

Our technical support team of industry professional can offer a broad range of technical advise; about product design, development and functionality, engineering and manufacturing specifications, and appropriate coating options, based on years of training and experience.

Our affiliate, AGS Capital IT Services, provides a full range of information system technical support, including network development, installing infrastructure, repairing PCs, troubleshooting software problems and more.

More information about our technical support services is available at: Technical Support

Quality Control Assurance Process

Superior Metal Technologies (SMT), Indianapolis, Indiana, has been in operation since 1936 specializing in metal finishing services. We strive to exceed customers' expectations for quality and service in a dynamic and ever-changing market, which has positioned us to be a leader in our industry.

SMT is dedicated to offering the highest levels of quality assurance available in the metal finishing industry. Our Quality Manual (pdf opens in new window) describes SMT's Quality Management System in a general sense.

More information on this topic is available at: Quality Control Assurance.



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