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TRINAR®: Superior Exterior Color Performance

Trinar: Akzo Nobel, Spray Paints, Kynar 500 Resins, Strong Molecular Bond, Exterior Metal Finish, Ceramic / Inorganic Pigmentation, Continuity of Color, Durability, AAMA 2605 98 Spec


Technical Product Information:

  • End Use Description
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Test Specification
  • Specified Parameters
  • Product Composition
  • Maintenance
  • Cost & Warranty

    Akzo Nobel's Spray TRINAR® finishes are formulated with the unique polyvinylidine fluoride resin, in which a minimum of 70% of this PVDF resin is KYNAR 500®. This combination of resins forms the strongest molecular bond known in the coatings world and a clearly superior exterior metal finish. The PVDF chemistry is combined with our own proprietary acrylic copolymer, as well as ceramic and select inorganic pigmentation.

    This means continuity of color and durability on any project. This system was designed to meet or exceed all requirements of the new AAMA 2605-98 Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for "Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels (PDF opens in new window)."

    Trinar®: Superior Products From SMT

    At Superior Metal Technologies (SMT), when we say "Superior," we mean just that. TRINAR® is the most durable and long lasting factory applied and oven cured finish for exterior metal substrates known to the construction industry. Why settle for anything less when you are designing a statement as well as a building?

    In addition to the mandatory 70% PVDF resin content, the remaining 30% is a proprietary acrylic resin from Akzo Nobel research. Heat resistant mixtures of ceramic-grade inorganic pigments provide color to produce superior exterior color weathering characteristics of TRINAR® coatings.

    "Superior" performing TRINAR® coatings are available in a wide array of pre-formulated colors, including pearlescent and metallic finishes, that blend well with collateral construction materials. Special color matched formulations are available with SMT's state-of-the-art color spectrometer and in-house paint mixing capabilities.

    If your paint finish demands ultimate, long-life color performance or your specification identifies any of the following terminology: 70% PVDF resin 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride 70% Fluorocarbon 70% Fluoropolymer Kynar®500, specify TRINAR®.


    Spray-applied TRINAR®, a 70% Fluoropolymer (PVDF) system is widely used for application on:

    • Panels
    • Curtain walls
    • Storefronts
    • Louvers
    • Exterior aluminum building products

    TRINAR® is the only type of technology made for this application that passes the stringent AAMA 2605-98 Performance Properties specification.


    Spray TRINAR® has the following beneficial features:

    • Superior performance in a variety of normal climatic conditions
    • Ceramic/Inorganic pigmentation for superior color and gloss retention
    • Smooth, easy application
    • Batch-to-batch consistency
    • Beautiful color selection
    • Long-life durability


    TRINAR® is spray applied, as the intricate profiles of extruded aluminum require. This ensures that the proper thickness of the coating is evenly applied to the channels and recessed areas of the extrusions.

    The coating is applied only after the metal substrate is first properly cleaned and chemically prepared in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The coating is then applied to the metal and baked.

    Specifications normally call for a two or three-coat combination that is baked to manufacturer's specified peak metal temperature. Color, gloss, hardness, cure, flexibility, adhesion and other checks are conducted during on-line Quality Control.

    Superior Metal Technologies is an Akzo Nobel-approved applicator for Trinar coatings. Akzo Nobel uses an exhaustive approval process before selling TRINAR® to any spray applicators. Certificates of conformance are then issued if the coater's process quality is of the highest standards.


    Test methods are established by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The most recognized specification is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association AAMA 2605-98 . (opens in new window) It is a ten-year specification titled Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for "Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels".


    Physical Properties of the Coating:



    Film Thickness (ASTM D1005)1.2 mil minimum for 2 coat colors 1.6 mil minimum for 3 coat colors
    Specular Gloss (ASTM D523) 30 - 40%
    Hardness (ASTM D3363)F minimum
    Cross-Hatch Adhesion
    (ASTM D3359)
    0% Loss
    Bend Adhesion (ASTM D4145)No loss of adhesion
    Humidity Resistance
    (ASTM D2247)
    1200 hours: (Pass - actual performance varies with pretreatment and substrate.)
    Salt Spray Resistance
    (ASTM B117)
    1000 hours (Pass - actual performance varies with pretreatment and substrate.)
    Weatherometer Test (ASTM D822) 2000 hours; No checking, blistering or adhesion loss
    Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D968) 30 liters/mil minimum
    Color Change
     (ASTM D2244)
    Exterior color change not exceed 5 NBS units
    Chalking Resistance (ASTM D4214, Method A) No chalking greater than #8 rating
    Exterior Weathering
    ( ASTM D4141)
    Five years, 45° South Florida
    Not to exceed 5ΔE


    Spray applied TRINAR® is made with a licensed fluoropolymer resin technology and a proprietary acrylic co-polymer. This resin combination forms the strongest molecular bond in the coatings industry. The PVDF resin is manufactured by two companies; ATO-Fina Chemicals (KYNAR 500®) and Ausimont USA (HYLAR 5000®). Only the finest quality ceramic/ inorganic pigments are used for a wide range of colors and superior color retention in concert with this unique resin combination.


    Proper maintenance is vital for any coating to achieve maximum installed life performance. Contact Akzo Nobel and ask for a copy of our "Care and Maintenance" Guide for recommended methods and procedures. Color matched air-dry coatings for post construction touch-up and scratch repair are available for all Akzo Nobel building products finishes through SMT.


    Expert information regarding Warranty policies will be provided by contacting Akzo Nobel Coatings' Marketing and Sales department. For accurate installed costing information, contact SMT (form below), or submit an online project quote request.



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