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High Capacity Production Facility

High Capacity Production Facility: Multiple Processing Tanks, Automatic Feed Pumps, Backup Pumps / Rectifiers, Overhead Cranes, Minimize Down Time, Electrostatic Wet Paint


Superior Metal Technologies has been in business since 1936, only six years or so after the process of anodizing aluminum began in 1930. Our state-of-the-art production facilities in Indianapolis Indiana have recently been updated and upgraded, providing increased production capacities to an even broader range of businesses and industries.

High Capacity Production Facilities: A Closer Look

Our 100,000 square foot facility is strategically located on 11 acres with access to major interstate highways. To visit our plant, take Highway 70 east of downtown Indianapolis, to Post Road north, then east on 30th Street to our offices.

SMT Transport pick up and delivery service operates weekdays from 8am to 6pm, although special arrangements can be made by calling 317 897 9850 ext. 0-110-126, or 136.

Some of the keynote features of our new facilities include:

  • Three new processing tanks
    • Part sizes up to 33' long X 5' deep X 30" wide for anodizing or painting.
    • Multiple anodizing tanks on the production line prevent slowdowns due to tank or equipment failures.
    • Automatic feed pumps for all chemicals. Insures coating quality
    • To meet ISO standards, we have added backup pumps and rectifiers to ensure a consistently high quality end product
  • Three overhead cranes provide:
    • Redundancy to minimize down-time
    • The capability to handle virtually any size project
      Read more about the PPG paint products used by SMT
      Painting Aluminum
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  • Painting facilities offer fully automated "bells"
    • Spray heads for electrostatic wet paint only apply paint when metal surfaces are detected by an electric eye
    • Conserves paint, more efficient and economical
  • Rack-making department provides specialized tooling, which
    • Enables us, using our trade-secret proprietary process, to “throw” the hardcoating in long lineal lengths down the internal bores of components, such as air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders
    • Coats cylinder openings as small as 7/8“ inside diameter.

Superior was certified to the Japanese Industrial Specifications (JIS) for a major Japanese manufacturer to produce parts for mass transit windows. Our rigorous quality control standards have made us qualified for ISO 9001:2000 certification.

For more information about SMT's quality practices, read Quality Control Assurance.



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