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Custom Anodizing

Custom Anodizing: Major Construction, Automobile / Motorcycle Customizers, Alternative to Paint / Powdercoat, Anodic Coatings, Corrosion Protection, Tight Tolerances, Durable


At Superior Metal Technologies no project is too big, or too small. Our high capacity production facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana can perform custom anodizing to hundreds of 30-Foot curtain walls for major construction jobs, or a single one-off carburetor for automobile or motorcycle customizers.

As a matter of fact, anodizing is rapidly becoming more popular with car and motorcycle customizers as an excellent alternative to paint or powdercoating. The unique features and benefits of anodic coatings make it the perfect choice for aluminum parts that are constantly subjected to the harsh conditions of the road, including:

  • Corrosion Protection resists moisture, salt spray, UV radiation
  • Tight Tolerances aluminum machine components can be anodized without changing dimensional requirements of the part
  • Durability long life span, will not wear out under normal use
  • Color Stability electrolitic process provides resistance to UV rays, won't fade, chip or peel
  • Ease of Maintenance highly resistant to scratches and wear, cleans easily with mild detergent and water
  • Aesthetics offers a large number of gloss and color alternatives
  • Cost lower finishing cost, lower maintenance costs
  • Health / Environmental Safety produces no dangerous by-products, and does not harm human health or the environment

Our anodizing processes allow us to create custom colors, from hard, durable clearcoats, to shades of bronze, to black.

Aluminum components can replace steel in many custom applications. The benefits of using anodized aluminum in place of steel include:

  • Less weight
  • Less expensive
  • Can be machined twice as fast as steel
  • Tight tolerances minimal change to dimensional specs
  • More durable surface

Talk a Superior anodizing specialist today and find out if custom anodizing is the right solution for your aluminum coating needs. You may be pleasantly surprised with the answers you receive.



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