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Aviation & Aerospace

Anodized Aluminum Applications: Aviation & Aerospace; Close Tolerance Anodizing, Custom Colors, Resists Corrosion, Wear, Temperature Changes, Electricity, Lightweight, Durable


Anodized products and components are used for thousands of applications in aviation and aerospace industries, including:

  • Quick-Disconnects for fueling systems
  • Helicopter Blades / Rotors to milspec
  • Navigational Equipment
  • Communication Gear
  • Cabin Trim
  • Bombsights
  • Seating Systems
  • Cockpit Switches, Gauges and Panel Trim
  • Exterior Panels for Aerospace Vehicles

This is just a small sample of products made, in whole or part, of anodized aluminum. The uses of anodized aluminum products are endless, limited only by the imaginations of designers, inventors and engineers.

Anodized Aluminum Applications: Aviation & Aerospace Take Off

Superior Metal Technologies offers a comprehensive range of aluminum anodizing services to aviation and aerospace industries, including:

  • Sulfuric Anodizing
  • Chromic Anodizing
  • Hardcoat Anodizing (Hardcoating)
  • Clear Coatings
  • Color Anodizing
  • Custom Anodizing
  • Close Tolerance Coating

Anodized aluminum is especially valuable in the production of aircraft and space-going components, where reduced weight and durability are constant considerations. Anodized aluminum components:

  • Have about 1/3 the density of steel parts
  • Will not peel or flake
  • Are resistant to:
  • Corrosion
  • Moisture
  • Salt spray
  • Ice
  • Wear
  • Harsh chemicals
  • Temperature changes
  • Electricity.

Furthermore, advancing technology allows us to provide smaller coating tolerances than were available as little as 8 years ago, allowing for even more applications where durable, lightweight, hard coated components would be beneficial. And anodized parts can be dyed in a wide range of custom colors, limiting their uses only by your designers imaginations.

Anodized Aluminum Applications: Replace Costly Stainless Steel

Anodized aluminum can replace stainless steel in certain applications, offering long-term cost savings due to it's long-lasting durability, weight reduction, and protective properties unique to anodized products.

For more information about the benefits of replacing stainless steel with anodized aluminum, read: Aluminum or Stainless Steel?



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