AAMA 2603-98
AAMA 2603-98*
For Pigmented Organic Coatings on Architectural Aluminum Extrusions and Panels        
Test Description    Coating Requirements   Performance Dry Adhesion No removal No Pick-Off Wet Adhesion No removal No Pick-Off
6.5.1 Impact Resistance (Direct) No removal No Pick-Off Chemical Resistance No blistering Excellent Mortar Resistance No removal of film Pass-Little or no Stain Detergent Resistance 20 liters per mil. Exceeds spec.
7.7.1 Chemical resistance 15 minutes, no visual changes Meets or exceeds spec. 1500 Hour Humidity Resistance 24 hours, no visual changes Meets or exceeds spec 1500 Hour Salt Fog Rsistance 30 mins. Maximum 5 E Meets or exceeds spec 1000 Hour Accelerated Weathering 72 hours, no effect Meets or exceeds spec 1 Year Outdoor Exposure 4000 hrs., few #8 blisters Meets or exceeds spec
*To obtain complete specifications, contact AAMA at 847-303-5664.    


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